Search and post details of missing persons, items and valuables

Lostify is changing the landscape of lost and found by making it easy for users to search for both missing persons and possessions with image indexing. With Lostify's Image indexing AI, users can conduct both image and full text search for missing possessions for free!

Find missing persons easily with lostify's

Smart Image Indexing Algorithm

Key Features

A platform that allows subscribers to search missing possessions globally.

  • Image search of missing persons
  • Full-text search of lost items
  • Post missing items by easy categories
  • Filter lost & found items by location
  • Dynamic customized properties of items
  • Speed. Fast search, powerful indexing
  • Beautiful user experience
  • Multi-tenant capability for enterprises.

Fostering the avenue to find persons and valuables “lost in time” and empowering subscribers with the power to display and engage on a global search.

Users around the world can snap their face and scan to search if someone is looking for them. This feature allows people who have lost contact for years or decades and who may have changed their name to reach each other. Get started


Lostify supports Multi-tenant cloud-powered deployments for Enterprises who may wish to provide Lost & Found support within their organisation. This deployments are perfect for high pedestran traffic areas such as Busy Airports, Schools, Hospitals and Malls.

This is a feature that localise a search to a location, district or town. This feature allows lost and found offices in Airport, Train station, Malls, and in various town and cities to be online for users to post and search for items. Lostify is redefining all Lost and Found by bringing them on one platform, this feature allows lost and found offices around the world to open a Hub account for users to interact by posting missing items and found items on their hub, localising the search to a location. A hub account can only be open by a management of a facility or the lost and found office located in cities and various locations.

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